From UK to the Polish-Ukraine border
From UK to the Polish-Ukraine border

We transport medical and humanitarian goods from the UK and EU to trusted delivery points in Poland, from where Ukrainian volunteers collect and distribute to the destinations around Ukraine.

Currently we have carried out 16 trips, involving 19 vehicles, and delivered over 30 tonnes of aid, cobering 33,000 miles.

We do not charge for time or expenses but any help to cover expenses is always appreciated.

Donate to Help4Ukraine expenses :

If you prefer to donate towards products for us to deliver, consider the good people below.

We have worked with different organisations to get their good delivered.

We do NOT recommend donating to DEC or Red Cross.
They have significant overhead costs (which reduces what actually gets to those in need), and often goods sit in warehouses for months before being distributed.

Instead consider donating to the first set of links OR to these organisations :

= FrontLineKitchen :

Entering Poland
Entering Poland