February Aid Delivery

February Aid Delivery

Harwich to Hook of Holland via Stenaline is becoming a regular experience !  Seven trips now comprising total 10 vehicles, delivering 14 tonnes of aid.  

This time we took an urgently needed delivery of medical aid including first aid kits, trauma kits and ~40 portable stretchers for #Medics4Ukraine, part of World Extreme Medecine (WEM : https://worldextrememedicine.com).

WEM have taken over £1.5m in aid since the start of the conflict, and continue to organise much-needed supplies.  It's easy to support them with the price of a coffee or more at https://www.gofundme.com/f/medics4ukraine.

A roundtrip from the UK to a secure delivery point is 2600 miles / 4200 kms, or about 45 hours of driving. We already have some safe and secure stop points - safety is paramount when taking cargo whose value is best measured in lives saved than in monetary cost.

But we found a new one !  Ever slept in a container before ?  An excellent conversion, and very convenient for the road warrior who just needs a bed and a shower.

Cheap (for Germany anyway) overnight stop after cargo has been safely delivered.